Liquid Placement

Our engineers have been involved in liquid placement from the very begining.

With over 40 years of experience in the placement of liquid fertiliser going back to ammonia injection into grassland, we manufacture and service a huge range of our own and other manufacturers machines.

Chafer Front Tank

The accurate application of liquid fertilisers during establishment is driven by a desire to increase yields whilst also reducing inputs. Placement of fertiliser in both vegetable and cereal crops is something Chafer has been doing for decades, so we are perfectly placed to provide the equipment you require.

Amazone FT-P 1502

AMAZONE has developed the FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank based on the successful technology of the UF 02 crop protection sprayers. 

The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any application of liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.